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Series 970 Hydraulic Test Stand Heavy duty, variable frequency drive for testing pumps with the most demanding applications.

Series 970, Hydraulic Test Stand

The Series 970 hydraulic test stand features precise digital invertor, RPM control, all digital gauges, stainless steel construction, and Kidney loop pump for continuously filtering and cooling of hydraulic fluid.

Our competent engineering staff ensure you are provided with the exact hydraulic test equipment for current and future applications which will increase your profitability.


Standard Features & Specifications
Hydraulic Test System

Hydraulic Test Stand (model #07-973-05)

The Series 970 (APD²) simultaneously measures flow, pressure and temperature with a straightforward method of monitoring system parameters complete with data acquisition.

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APD² Monitoring System with Data Acquisition:
  • * Will Save Time and Money
  • * Insure Compliance with FAA Regulations and OEM Test Requirements
  • * Provides a Convenient and Easy to Understand Method of Testing and Reporting
  • * Produces Accurate Records for Stored Data for FAA Audit Compliance and Accountability
  • * Eliminates Hard to Support Component Testing Procedures
  • * Easy to Interpret Strip Chart That Displays Pressure, Flow and Temperature Simultaneously

    1. Panel Mounted Pump Controls for Ease of Operation and Safety
    2. Safety Glass Sliding Doors with ¼” Tempered Glass
      with Heavy Duty Door Rollers and Rails
    3. Complete Pump Pressure Adjustment (450 – 5000 PSI)
    4. Complete Pump Flow Adjustment (0 – Full GPM)
  • Five Pumps
    1. Oilgear® Pressure Compensated Pump
    2. High Pressure Hand Pump (10,000 PSI)
    3. Work Sink Drain Pump
    4. Automatic Nano Filtration Pump
  • High Pressure Hand Pump
    1. Digital Pressure Gauge (.25% Accuracy)
    2. Pressure Release Valve
    3. Dedicated Port
  • Super Clean Filtration - Industry Leading
    Filtration Ensures Quality While Increasing
    Aircraft Component Life and Decreasing
    Aircraft Filter Changes
  • High Efficiency, Non-Bypass Pressure Filter
    (3 Micron Absolute)
  • Reservoir Kidney Loop Filter (3 Micron Absolute)
  • Sink Drain Filter (3 Micron Absolute)
  • Exclusive Automatic Nano Filtration System
    (.25 Micron Absolute)
  • 4-Way Directional Flow Control Valve
    Electrically Operated with Port Indicator Lights
    for Testing Cylinders
  • Calibration
  • Calibration parameters are stored in the electronic
    interface and the software automatically reads the
    calibration parameters from the devise when launched
  • Operator can adjust the sensor parameters during
    calibration for the correct accuracy needed
  • Software Parameters
  • Main screen displays strip chart enabling the hydraulic
    technician to have a more in depth understanding
    of the operation/test procedure and troubleshooting
    of the component under test
  • Color coding of the parameters are easily read

    • Software Includes
    • Viewing of Graph History
    • Displaying and Hiding of Individual Graph Plots
    • Adjusting Graph Scale
    • Changing Alarm History
    • Data Acquisition
    • Operational Warning Lights
      1. Pressure Filter Condition LED Indicator
      2. Kidney Loop Pump Filter Condition LED
      3. Reservoir Low Level LED Warning Indicator
      4. High Fluid Temperature LED Warning Indicator
      5. Nano Filter Condition LED Warning Indicator
    • Reservoir Kidney Loop Pump
    • Continuously Filters Fluid
    • Continuously Cools Fluid
    • Automatic Oil Temperature Control
    • Oil Polishing System
    • Extremely Clean Nano Filtration with Automatic
      Timer and Operation LED Warning Indicator
    • Additional Features
    • All Welded, 14 Gauge B3 (Brushed Finish)
      Stainless Steel Cabinet
    • Illuminated Work Area Provided By the Over
      Head Work Sink Lights
    • Easy Access Fluid Sample Port to Meet
      Quality Parameters
    • Guaranteed No Leaks
      Safety Drip Pan Completely Covers Bottom
    • Work Sink with Perforated Metal Grating
    • Heavy Duty All Welded 1/4" Thick Wall
      Tubing Frame with Fork Lift Brackets
    • Easy Maneuvering Ensured By Two Fixed and
      Two Swivel Castors with Stability Provided By
      the Heavy Duty Floor Lock
    • Work Sink Drain Pump with Filter (4 GPM)
    • Durable Laser Engraved, Aluminum Placards
    • Panel Mounted Operational Instructions
    • Current Pressure Gauge and Flow Meter
      Certificates of Calibration
    • Safety Features
    • High and Low Pressure Alarm
    • High and Low Flow Alarm
    • High and Low Oil Temperature Alarm
    • System By-Pass Relief Valve (7500 PSI)
    • Safety Glass Doors to Protect Operator
    • Isolated Work Sink – No Hydraulic Controls Located
      with in Sink Area



    Model Series 07-972-**, 07-973-**, 07-974-**:
    Length 100 in (254 cm), Width 62 in (157 cm), Height 80 in (203 cm)
    Model Series 07-975-**:
    Length 120 in (305 cm), Width 80 in (203 cm), Height 80 in (203 cm)

    • SoftwareA&P Hydrauilcs hydraulic test stand data acquistion computer montioring aircraft component
    • The APD² was developed utilizing Flo-Check® USB Hydraulic Analyzer which provides a software for real-time graphical and digital interface for monitoring and/or recording pressure, temperature, and flow rate parameters
    • View real-time pressure, temperature, flow rate, and power measurements for instantaneous readings
    • Permits the data to be saved for export into Microsoft® Excel spreadsheets
    • Logs 12 hours of data
    • Records all alarm history
    • User friendly software that allows hydraulic technicians to utilize the software with minimal training for a seamless start-up.
    • Hardware
    • APD² Is a computer based test control and acquisition module with the latest technology:
    • Gateway® SX2803-56 Central Processing Unit (CPU), Windows® 7 Operating System, Microsoft® Excel Software
    • 23" LCD Display Monitor with tempered glass protective housing
    • Stainless Steel Keyboard Podium
    • Industrial strength keyboard featuring stainless steel keys and fascia with the integration of a ultra rugged trackball
    • Hardware is housed in a stainless steel protective cabinet


    SPECIFICATIONS:A&P Hydrauilcs hydraulic test stand data acquistion computer montioring aircraft components aircraft hydraulics aircraft maintenance

    • Flow
    • Accuracy ±1% of reading @ 32 cSt
    • Repeatability ±0.2%
    • Pressure
    • Accuracy <±0.5% BFSL
    • Stability <±0.25% of full scale
    • Response Time 0.2 milliseconds
    • Temperature
    • Calibration Error (25 °C) ±1 °C
    • Absolute Error (over full range of sensor, 0 to 150 °C)
    • Repeatability ±0.1°C