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Series 770 Hydraulic Power Unit Heavy duty hydraulic power unit.

Series 770, Hydraulic Power Unit

The Series 770 hydraulic power unit features safety automatic shut-down, charge pump that continuously filters and cools fluid, and kidney loop oil polishing system.

For Aircrafts:  Airbus A-300, Airbus A-310, Airbus A-318, Airbus A-319, Airbus A-320, Airbus A-321, Airbus A-330, Airbus A-340, Airbus A-340-600, Airbus A-380, Boeing 787, Boeing 747, Boeing 767, Boeing 777, Lockheed L-1011, McDonnell Douglas DC-10, McDonnell Douglas MD-11


Standard Features & Specifications
Heavy Duty Hydraulic Power Unit

Hydraulic Power Unit (model #05-776-05)

The 770 hydraulic power unit, 50 - 80 GPM production testing, featuring safety automatic shut-down, charge pump that continuously filters and cools fluid, and Kidney Loop Oil Polishing system.

  • 770 Hydraulic Power Unit Schematic

  • 770-Labeled

  • Ordering Instructions

  • Spec Sheet (PDF)

  • Performance Assured 100% Duty Cycle
    1. Will deliver Maximum Flow @ Maximum Pressure
    2. Industrial Duty LincolnŽ Motor
    3. Heavy Duty Motor Starter with Over Load Protection
    4. Charge Pump with Pressure Compensated Piston Pump
    5. Industry's Best - 3 Year Warranty
  • Panel Mounted Controls for Ease of Operation and Safety
    1. Complete Pump Flow Adjustment (0-Full GPM)
    2. Complete Pump Pressure Adjustment (250-Full PSI)
    3. By-Pass Dump Valve
    4. Electric Reservoir Fill Pump System
      (For Servicing Aircraft's Reservoir) (3 GPM)
  • Super Clean Filtration - Industry Leading Filtration
    Ensures Quality While Increasing Aircraft
    Component Life and Decreasing Aircraft Filter
    1. 2nd Stage Reservoir Fill Pump Filter (.25 Micron Absolute)
    2. Case Drain Filter (6 Micron Absolute)
      *Desiccant (Water Absorbing) Reservoir Air Breather
    3. Charge Pump Continuously Filters and Cools Fluid
    4. Extra Capacity Charge Pump Filter (6 Micron Absolute)
    5. Reservoir Fill Pump Filter (.25 Micron Absolute)
  • Safety Automatic Shut-Down
    1. Oil Over Temperature
    2. Charge Pump Low Pressure
    3. Pressure Filter Clogged
    4. Reservoir Low Level


  • Instrumentation
    1. Digital Flow Meter (1% accuracy)
    2. Digital Pressure Gauges (.5% accuracy)
    3. Digital Oil Temperature Gauge (1% accuracy)
    4. All Digital Gauges Installed in Skydrol Resistant Enclosure
    5. Hour Meter
    6. All Digital Gauges Installed in NEMA 4
    7. All Gauges Have A Safety Glass Cover
      for Durability

  • Operational Warning Lights
    1. Low Boost Pump Pressure LED Warning Indicator
    2. High Fluid Temperature LED Warning Indicator
    3. Reservoir Low Level LED Warning Indicator
    4. Operational Beacon
    5. Electrical Input Monitoring with Warning Lights
      A. Correct Voltage Input
      B. Correct Phase Input
      C. Over Voltage Input
      D. Under Voltage Input
      E. Over Amperage Input
      F. Out of Phase Input
      G. Correct Phase Input
    6. Maintenance Required / Filter Replacement
      LED Reminder Indicator
    7. Kidney Loop Filter Clogged Condition LED
      Warning Indicator
    8. Charge Pump Filter Condition LED Warning

Standard Features:
  • 100% Duty Cycle, Will Deliver
    Maximum Flow @ Maximum Pressure
  • Heavy Duty Tubular Frame with 16" Solid Tires
  • Heavy Duty Tow Bar and Parking Brake
  • Puncture Proof Tires, Guaranteed No Flats
  • All Welded 0.90 Brushed Aluminum Construction
  • High Efficiency Aluminum Oil Cooler with
    3 Phase Fan
  • Stainless Steel Reservoir (200 Gallons)
  • All Electrical Components Installed in
    Liquid Proof Enclosures (NEMA 4, 12)
  • Easy Access Exterior Fluid Sampling
    Valve to Meet Quality Parameters
  • Extra Capacity, Reservoir Desiccant
    (Water Absorbing) Breather
  • Reservoir Selector Valve
    (To Use Either Aircraft's or Unit's Reservoir)
  • Standard #16 Pressure Hoses and #32 Return Hoses,
    25 ft. (7.62 m) Long
  • Standard 50 ft. (15.2 m) Electrical Input Cable
  • Durable Laser Engraved , Aluminum Placards
  • Panel Mounted Operational Instructions
  • Current Pressure Gauge and Flow Meter
    Certificate of Calibration
  • Guaranteed No Leaks, Stainless Steel Pan
    Completely Covers Bottom

Dimensions: Length 116 in (294 cm), Width 76 in (193 cm), Height 70 in (177 cm)